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gloStream Detailed Needs Analysis

Changing the way you do things is rarely easy – especially when what you’ve been doing seems to be working. The reason to make a change is to get a better outcome. As doctors consider implementing gloEMR and gloPM, it’s important to understand that they're not just making a decision about technology. They're taking a step that promises significant benefits for their practices.

According to industry statistics, 30%-40% of EMR software out in the marketplace is not being used. At gloStream, we believe that choosing software is just one part of the process of successfully transforming a practice from paper and files to digital efficiency. We believe it is crucial that we have a complete understanding of the way each practice functions and how staff like to practice medicine. We call this hands-on approach gloDNA, and it stands for “gloStream Detailed Needs Analysis.” gloDNA has enabled our organization to achieve a 100% success rate. Every doctor who has purchased our software is using it continues using it today. This is something that no other EMR company can say.

Stage 1 (Practice Consult)

During the Practice Consult we’ll seek to learn about the practice's plans, experiences, hopes, fears and expectations when it come to implementing gloEMR or gloPM. We’ll ask a series of questions about the practice, people, opinions and requirements. The outcome is a profile of the key factors that affect how you the practice will operate.

Stage 2 (Practice Scan)

During the Practice Scan, we build on what we learned during the Consult stage. We gather quantitative data and details about the practice and workflow and create an inventory of the specific technical and operational requirements and systems.

Stage 3 (Proposal)

At the Proposal stage, each practice receives a customized plan of action with a clear picture of the technical, team and financial requirements needed for implementation. The proposal includes the observations and insights collected earlier in the gloDNA process as well as the costs and timing for implementation, training and support.

Stage 4 (Protocol)

This stage is all about successfully transitioning a practice from paper charts to gloEMR/gloPM. In order to ensure our success, we leverage the information gathered during the Consult and Scan stages plus feedback to our proposal. Our plan of action guides the integration of people, processes and technology.

Stage 5 (Wellness)

Ensuring your practice’s overall health is an important goal of the gloDNA process. We do that by ensuring the practice has ongoing support to address issues that may arise as you implement your gloEMR/gloPM solution. gloStream partners will monitor the performance of your system and integrate your individual feedback.

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