You can be confident that gloEMR
will qualify for stimulus funding
because we guarantee it!

gloStream 15-Day Success Guarantee

At gloStream, we believe your EMR implementation should take place quickly and include the in-person training you need to keep your business going strong both during and after your software is implemented. While most EMR companies require 6-9 months to get practices back to normal after implementation completion, gloStream does it in 15 days or less. We guarantee that if we can't get your practice back to full patient load within 15 days of your EMR implementation completion date, we'll refund your entire gloStream software and services purchase. With gloStream, you can be confident that your EMR purchase will help your business suceed and won't cause it to falter.

gloDNA 100% Stimulus Guarantee

Doctors considering EMR software and thinking about whether they will qualify for stimulus funding must be certain that the systems they choose are certified and stimulus ready. You can be confident that gloEMR from gloStream will qualify for stimulus funding because we guarantee it. In fact, gloStream will refund the software costs for any eligible professional who goes through our exclusive gloDNA process, and then finds themself unable to qualify as a meaningful user and acquire stimulus funding. The unqiue combination of gloStream certified software and our exclusive gloDNA process ensures that Doctors always have the tools and knowledge needed to achieve truly meaningful use - today, and well into the future.

Data Portability Promise

Doctors have an enormous investment in the patient information they've created and should always have the option to move that data to another system if the need arises. We believe so much in data portability and interoperability we promise that patient information will always be stored in Microsoft-based formats, including Microsoft Word and SQL Server, that are supported by thousands of technology Partners worldwide and easily accessible. Unlike competitive offerings, with gloStream practices always have complete control over all of your patient information and can move that data to other systems, if needed.

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