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As the only Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management software company to embed Microsoft Office directly into our products, gloStream has created the industry’s most user-friendly and reliable medical practice software. Our solutions are sold and supported through a nationwide community of local technology Partners who provide onsite support whenever it’s needed. No other EMR company is 100% Partner driven, and no one else provides that level of support.

In addition, at gloStream we leverage an innovative implementation process called gloDNA, which stands for “gloStream Detail Needs Analysis." During this process we gather subjective and objective information to help us create an ideal EMR or practice management solution for our practice clients. It’s a proven roadmap that has given gloStream a 100% success rate, in an industry where 30%-40% of all EMR implementations fail.

You can also be sure that choosing gloStream software is a wise decision – today and well into the future. We guarantee that our software will qualify for Stimulus funding, and we promise that your data will always be stored in Microsoft-based formats so that it can be transferred to other applications, if needed.

gloStream Testimonials

“Thanks to the functionality within gloEMR, I have the capability to see a healthy load of patients when I’m in the clinic and still finish all of my charts so that I can leave by 4:30pm. I’m saving time and money, providing great care and have peace of mind that my practice is in great shape.”
–Dr. Shivajee Nallamothu, D.O.

“We’re saving time and money, but more importantly, we have much more meaningful interaction with our patients because we don’t have to flip through paper charts which can be difficult to manage and easily misplaced. I’ve got a powerful yet easy to use system, happier staff and tremendous peace of mind.”
–Dr. Thomas Perkins, D.O.

“Since we instituted gloEMR, not only has it made our office run more efficiently, it has saved me time. Every day that I am in the office I am leaving on time instead of an hour or more after the last patient like I used to before gloEMR. This is a savings that can't easily translate into money, but is huge.”
–Dr. Edward Lis, Jr., D.O.

“Since implementing gloEMR, we’ve removed virtually all paper from our office and the chart chase has come to an end. Because information is where we want it and need it, I can spend much more time focused on communicating with my patients directly, rather than looking at a chart while they speak to me.”
–Dr. John Samani, M.D.

“We went live with gloEMR on a Monday and four days later we were already up to our full patient load. It’s so intuitive and easy to use - it’s simply phenomenal.”

–Amanda Wood R.T.(R)(M)(BS) - Practice Manager

“What’s even better, though, is that my staff can send me a message through the gloEMR messaging system telling me that I need to review something. This saves us a ton of time. The workflow built into gloEMR is exceptional and has really helped my practice become more efficient.”
–Dr. Renato Albaran, M.D.

“It’s clear to us that gloStream’s product development team really thought through the natural progression of the patient visit. We’ve been able to streamline processes within our office and that’s led to a level of productivity and efficiency we just didn’t have before we began working with gloStream.”
–Dr. Dominick Roto, M.D.

The Time for EMR is Now!

gloEMR from gloStream was recently featured on Health Tech Today with Dr. Bill Crounse, Microsoft's Senior Director of Worldwide Health. Health Tech Today with Dr. Bill Crounse is a weekly online series providing cutting-edge stories at the intersection of health and information technology. The show features informative interviews with some of the world's top health leaders; compelling health-related personal stories; and the latest technology and IT innovations.
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